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Why would your wedding need Catering Equipment Hire?

When a couple decide to get married, one of the first items on the to do list to cross off is the location of the wedding reception venue.
Wales is blessed with a wide range of stunning venues able to host weddings in Wales, but sometimes a wedding couple might want something a little different, like a wedding reception in a marquee, yurt, tent, barn, meadow, forest, there are so many possibilities!
However, when deciding on an alternative wedding, one of the most important problems to solve is where their guests will keep dry (if it rains! sorry!) sit, eat, drink and enjoy the reception.

It could be a bit daunting to consider all the catering equipment items you will need to hire such as tables, table cloths, chairs, napkins, cookers, fridges, a bar, crockery and serving ware to serve your food, the list goes on, however this is where a one-stop wedding catering equipment hire company in Wales such as CSE come in.

CSE catering equipment hire can hire out all the catering equipment required for a wedding event in Wales. We can deliver all the catering equipment washed, dried and ready to use direct to the venue (wherever it is in Wales) with our dedicated delivery vans.
Once your event is over, CSE will come and collect all the used catering equipment and take it back to wash and clean it for you as part of the service which means you have little to organise yourself and as we are happy to liaise with your caterers, all you need to be concerned with is enjoying your wedding!

Our wedding catering equipment hire service which covers all of Wales means that any wedding couple can have the freedom to host the wedding reception of their dreams exactly where they want to have it in Wales without being restricted to physical buildings.

With all the beautiful scenery on offer in Wales, mountain tops, wooded valleys, wild flower meadows, wedding couples really are spoilt for choice. Wherever your event takes you…we’ll be there!

To help you we have put together this simple guide to help plan your alternative wedding.

Step 1: Find your perfect location for your wedding reception in Wales.

Step 2: Check you have permission to host your event at the location.

Step 3: Analyse the area and facilities available to you.
How much ground space is available? Is it safe, is the ground strong enough?

Step 4: Are there any facilities available to you, electric, water, toilets, lighting?

Step 5: Consider what type of structure you would like your reception be located in and contact a provider for a quote.
They will be able to discuss options for the overall structure, interior lighting and decorations.
Do you want a Marquee, Yurt, Barn for example?
Click here to see a list of service providers we have worked with that may be able to help you.

Step 6:Consider the number of guests you will invite to your wedding.

Step 7: Consider the type of food and drink you would like to serve.
We have a fabulous list of caterers that we have worked with that we can highly recommend, who can provide food and drink ideas for the big day.
Click here to see a list of service providers we have worked with that may be able to help you.

Step 8: Contact CSE Catering Equipment Hire to discuss your wedding day plans:We can help you decide on exactly what catering equipment you will need for your wedding day based on the food and drink you will serve and the number of guests. We are delighted to liaise with your caterer to discuss their requirements, so we can help to make sure your event runs smoothly from start to finish.

Contact us on 01348 875 587 today to book catering equipment hire for your wedding in Wales!

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