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Prices / How to book

1. Download our price list

Click the link below to download our price list, your browser will download our Microsoft Excel file to your downloads folder.

2. Open the file in Microsoft Excel

Open the file in Microsoft Excel, re-name and re-save your file onto your desktop ensuring you add your name to the end of the file name.
E.g. CSE-Price-List_SamJones.xlsx

3. Fill in your contact and order details

Fill in all the contact details on the form, then scroll though the form and place a quantity in the empty column next to the item you wish to hire. (The form will automatically work out the cost for all your items at the end).

4. Work out your approx. delivery charge

Once you are happy with your order entries, scroll further down the page and you will see ‘Carriage/Number of Miles’ highlighted in grey. In the empty middle column in the same row, fill in the number of miles from our CSE HIRE postcode to your delivery address postcode. (Our postcode is SA65 9BB). The approx. cost will automatically be calculated for you and added to your total order cost.*
*If there are any adjustments needed to your delivery charge based on the location of your venue and the route we may need to take to deliver to you, we will let you know in your confirmation email.

5. Save your file and Email to us

Once you are happy with your order and you have read and accepted our terms and conditions (Scroll to the end of file), save the file and email to

6. Wait for your order confirmation via email

Once we have received your order via email, we will check stock allocations and confirm your order via email. (During working hours).

7. Deposit and Payment

Once we have emailed you to confirm your order, the order will be booked into our system. No deposit required, however we ask for payment in full 7 days before your event.

What if I need to edit or cancel my order?

You can edit or cancel your order free of charge up to 7 days before your event.
Please make sure you read our ‘Terms and conditions’ that can be found at the end of the Price List.

Need Help?

It’s ok, don’t panic, if you’re not sure about something you need, quantities, or just need to speak to us first we are here! Call us or email us, we are always here to help and put your mind at rest.

Tel: 01348 875587

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